Invited TV studio set 01/29/1999 - 05min17s

We celebrate, this month, the fiftieth anniversary of the " Second sex " of Simone de BEAUVOIR. Claudine MONTEIL, author of " Simone de Beauvoir, the Movement of the women " the guest of the newspaper is and answers Laurence OSTOLOZA's questions. - animation stand delivers " Simone de Beauvoir, the Movement of the women. Memoirs of a rebel girl " of Claudine Monteil (editions of the Rock). - Claudine MONTEIL evokes her meeting with Simone DE BEAUVOIR in 1970, how " The Second sex " changed the life of her mother and that of thousand women, that the reading of the book made contribution to her personally, the current events of this book and the battles remaining to lead to improve the condition of the women.


France 2



Monteil, Claudine


Ostolaza, Laurence

Claudine Monteil: "Remain watchful"

The centenary of Simone de Beauvoir


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