Simone de Beauvoir, côté femme

Timée-Editions, Paris, 2006, publié avec des photos. ISBN 2-9155586-42-X.

Claudine Monteil had the privilege of being one of Simone de Beauvoir’s closest friends. The fifty stories are illustrated with remarkable pictures which exemplify the extraordinary life of this great feminist writer.

From childhood to fame we follow the day to day life of Sartre and Beauvoir, their moments of happiness and their sorrows, their successes and their political activism in favor of human rights. The author paints an intimate and compassionate portrait of this legendary couple which brings them even closer to us.

Photos rarely seen illuminate each story and are displayed on the opposite page. It is a family album filled with dramatic anecdotes which give a real glimpse of the fascinating and beautiful Simone de Beauvoir.

This book may not be available in your bookstore. If you are interested in buying a copy or getting more information, please contact me.


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