“Mathematical plots in Princeton”

Publication of my mystery novel “Mathematical plots in Princeton” Odile Jacob publishing house: a duel between mathematicians, secret services and Wall Street

March 11th, 2010

My first mystery novel is just out: ”Mathematical plots in Princeton”!

Mathematicians, spies, and Wall Street at Princeton, and in the background the Institute for Advanced Study, where Albert Einstein lived and worked.

My heroine, Charlotte, arrives in Princeton to spend some time with her father, Jean-Claude Cavagnac, a famous mathematician at the Institute for Advanced Study. But as she arrives from Paris, Cavagnac disappears.

Then, his body is found in Carnegie lake. Suicide? Murder? Why? Envious colleagues? Bitter students ? A strategic mathematical discovery? Why the interest of the CIA, the FBI, the French secret service, a mysterious financial firm? Are the French & the Americans really on the same side? Can Charlotte risk getting involved? Can she avoid it?


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