Suite CV

“Simone de Beauvoir and the Women’s Movement in France: an Eyewitness Testimony.” Simone de Beauvoir Studies 14 (1997): 6-12. (Journal of the International Simone de Beauvoir Society)

“Un devoir pour les femmes: vivre” (“A Woman’s Duty: Live”). Le Monde April 20, 1986. (Obituary of Simone de Beauvoir; by-line, Claudine Serre)

 “Beauvoir, les deux soeurs, entretien avec Hélène de Beauvoir” (“The Beauvoir Sisters”). Le Monde April 20, 1986. (Interview with Hélène de Beauvoir on the occasion of her sister’s death; by-line, Claudine Serre)

•“Simone de Beauvoir, l’engagement d’une oeuvre et d’une vie,” (“Committment in the Life and Work of Simone de Beauvoir.” Le Monde January 10, 1978. (Article in honor of the writer’s seventieth birthday; by-line, Claudine Serre)

“Cartes postales de Chine” (“ Postcards from People’s Republic of China”, report on a trip in China when it was opening to tourists right after the Cultural Revolution and Mao’s death) Le Monde, July 22, 1978

« L’éveil des femmes en Suisse » (The awakening of Swiss women » by-line, Claudine Serre) Le Monde, October 16-17, 1977

“Lettre de San Diego: une oasis entre les marines et le chômage » (« Letter from San Diego, a heaven located between the marines and unemployment », by-line, Claudine Serre). Le Monde, November 31-October 1, 1976

« La minorité chicano entre deux civilisations »( « The Chicano minority between two civilizations » by-line, Claudine Serre), Le Monde October 29, 1976

• “Amériques: Norman, Oklahoma: citoyens et gestionnaires d’une petite ville » (« Norman, Oklahoma : citizens and managers from a small town in America » by-line, Claudine Serre ) Le Monde, October 19, 1976

“Le cinéma dans la tête: du triangle oedipien à l’interrogation narcissique” (« Movies in the psyche: from the oedipian triangle to a narcissist self-questionning” by-line, Claudine Serre) Le Monde, September 30, 1976

« L’image des hommes dans le cinéma, la femme absente » (« The picture of men in the movie industry, the woman is absent», by-line Claudine Serre ) Le Monde, April 1, 1976

« Un point de vue sur la femme dans le cinéma français: des images pour un album à refaire » (« A point of view on woman’s picture in the French movies : some images for an album to redefine », by-line Claudine Serre) Le Monde, November 27, 1975

“La parole des femmes dans la presse feminine” (“ Women’s Words in Women’s Magazines”). Les Temps Modernes: Les femmes s’entêtent 333-334 (April-May) 1974: 1770-1780. (Special issue on feminism entitled Women Insist, preface by Simone de Beauvoir; by-line, Claudine)

“Les femmes du cinéma et la presse féminine” (Women in Cinema as Portrayed in Women’s Magazines). Image et Son 283 (April) 1974, 37-41. (Image and Sound Magazine; by-line, Claudine Serre)


Articles on Monteil

• “Nos cris traversent les murailles” (”Our Cries Pierce the Walls”). Cent lettres aux femmes afghanes (One Hundred Letters to the Women of Afghanistan). Paris: Editions 1, 2002.

• “Nous les femmes, Nous les encrières”; “Je/femme” (two poems). Les Temps Modernes, Les femmes s’entêtent 333-334 (April-May) 1974: 1935-1937. (Special issue devoted to feminism entitled Women Insist, preface by Simone de Beauvoir; by line, Claudine.)

Selected Interviews, Profiles and Reviews Print Media

In addition to the entries below, profiles of Dr Monteil and articles about her work have appeared in numerous magazines in France and abroad, including South America and Japan, and have been reviewed in many regional French newspapers. She was also interviewed by Japanese, French, German, Italian, German and Turkish newspapers and radio stations for the twentieth anniversary of Simone de Beauvoir’s death in April 2006and in many televisions, radios and newspapers for the hundreth anniversary of Simone de Beauvoir in 2008, including Austria, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Norway, Greece, Switzerland and others.

• Helen Chazdichristou. ” The famous feminist and writer Claudine Monteil tells us about the French women’s liberation movement, political and social issues.” I Khathimerini, Greek national daily newspaper. Athens, March 16, 2008.

• Isabelle Gautier.”Simone de Beauvoir, a free woman, Claudine Monteil testifies”. L’Yonne Républicaine, supplementary 1120, Auxerre, March 15,2008.

• Hege Duckert. ” Castor’s come back, an interview with Claudine Monteil”. Dagbladet, Norvegian national daily newspaper. Oslo, March 13, 2008.

• “Simone de Beauvoir used scandal, Claudine Monteil testifies”. Ta Nea, Greek national daily newspaper. Athens, March 6, 2008.

• Helmut Hein. “ Simone cried in my arms, interview with Claudine Monteil on Simone de Beauvoir, Sartre and feminism”. Mittlebayerische, Germany ( Bavarian daily newspaper) May 10, 2007.

• “The Beauvoir Sisters” Westdeusche Zeitung, Germany( daily newspaper, article not signed) April 19,2007.

• Inka Bohl. “Bücher, Bilder, Beauvoirs” Der Literat, Münich, Germany. April-May 2007, p16-17, “Books, Paintings, Sisters” (Book review of The Beauvoir Sisters published in German).

• Jacqueline Pasquier. “Simone de Beauvoir, côté femme.” LMag 259 (July-August) 2006. (Book review on Simone de Beauvoir: her life as a woman, fifty stories, illustrated).

• Jacqueline Pasquier. “Claudine Monteil évoque Simone de Beauvoir” (“Claudine Monteil Evokes the Spirit of Simone de Beauvoir). LMag 259 (July-August) 2006.

• Jacqueline Pasquier: “Paris aime l’égalité, hommage à Simone de Beauvoir” (“Paris Loves Equality: Homage to Simone de Beauvoir”) LMag 257 (May) 2006. (Mention of Claudine Monteil’s presentation on Beauvoir at City Hall in Paris, March 7, 2006.)

• Liliane Lazar. “Claudine Monteil, Les Soeurs Beauvoir”. The French Review, April 2005, n°5 (American litterary review, article on “The Beauvoir Sisters”).

• Cristina de Stefano. “Simone e Hélène de Beauvoir, Le due sorelle” (“Simone and Hélène de Beauvoir, Two sisters.”Elle, (Italy) n°1 (January) 2005: 77-80. (Review of The Beauvoir Sisters).

• Claire Rostan. “Une Beauvoir peut en cacher une autre” (“One Beauvoir May Hide Another”). Elle ( France) July 2003. (Review of Les Soeurs Beauvoir).

• Xavier Houssin. “Simone et Hélène de Beauvoir, deux jeunes filles rangées” (“Simone and Hélène de Beauvoir, Two Proper Young Ladies” ; review of Les Sœurs Beauvoir). Point de Vue, July 4, 2003.

• Frederic Pagès. “Les Soeurs Beauvoir.” « The Beauvoir Sisters » Le Canard Enchaîné, July 2, 2003. (Book review).

• Christine Arnothy. “Christine Arnothy a lu Les Sœurs Beauvoir.” ( « Christine Arnothy read The Beauvoir Sisters ») Le Parisien, June 28 , 2003. (Book review).

• “Claudine Monteil raconte les soeurs Beauvoir” (“Claudine Monteil on the Beauvoir Sisters”). Le Figaro, May 9, 2003 ( review not signed).

• Hélène de Montferrand. “Les Soeurs Beauvoir.” (« The Beauvoir Sisters”) LMag 64 (July-August) 2003. (Book review).

• Jean-Claude Perrier : « Poupette et le Castor », Livres Hebdo, April 11, 2003. (« Poupette and The Castor » nicknames of Hélène and Simone de Beauvoir, review on The Beauvoir Sisters).

• Evelyne Bloch-Dano. “Les Soeurs Beauvoir: si proches, si rivales” (“The Beauvoir Sisters: So Alike, So Dissimilar”). Marie-Claire (France) March 2003. (Extracts of Les Sœurs Beauvoir introduced by Bloch-Dano).

• Ulrika Kärnborg. Dagens Nyeheter April 24, 2002. (Major Swedish newspaper: Interview on Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre; profile of Claudine Monteil as author and activist).

• Anneli Rogeman. Svenska Dagbladet April 23, 2002. (Major Swedish newspaper: Interview and profile of Claudine Monteil as author and activist.)

• Patrick Girard. “Charlot amoureux”, (“Charlie in Love”). Marianne March 18, 2002. (Review of Les Amants des Temps Modernes, Oona et Charlie Chaplin).

• Geneviève Rambaux. “Oona et Charles Chaplin, un amour extraordinaire” (Oona and Charles Chaplin: an Extraordinary Love”). Questions de femmes January 2002. (Review of Les Amants des Temps Modernes ).

• Stéphanie Belpêche. “Géraldine raconte Oona et Charlot”, (Geraldine Reminisces about Oona and Charlie”) Journal du Dimanche January 20, 2002. (Review of Les Amants des Temps Modernes and interview with the actress Geraldine Chaplin at her press conference for Monteil’s book).

• Pierre Vavasseur. “Des révélations sur Charlot” (“Disclosures on Chaplin”), Le Parisien, January 7, 2002 (Book review on the Chaplins)

• Xavier Houssin. “Les Amants des Temps Modernes, Oona et Charlie Chaplin,” Point de Vue January 9, 2002. (Book review).

• Emmanuèle Frois. “Géraldine Chaplin, Souvenirs, Souvenirs” (“Geraldine Chaplin, So Many Memories”) Le Figaro January 2, 2002. (Following a press conference that Geraldine Chaplin gave in Paris for the publication of Monteil’s book Les Amants des Temps Modernes,“ Lovers of Modern Times”).

• Anita Goldman. Aftonbladet April 15, 2001. (Swedish newspaper: review of the publication in Swedish of Les Mémoires d’une Jeune Fille Rebelle and on Monteil as a women’s rights activist and friend of Simone de Beauvoir).

• Johan Dalhbäck. « Simone, we miss you », Göteborgs-Posten, March 8, 2001. (Swedish newspaper : review of the publication in Swedish of Les Mémoires d’une Jeune Fille Rebelle and on Dr Monteil as a women’s rights activist and friend of Simone de Beauvoir).

• Pia Zandelin. “Sisters, Bread and Roses”, Expressen, March 8, 2001.( Swedish magazine : review of the publication in Swedish of Les Mémoires d’une Jeune Fille Rebelle and on Dr Monteil as a women’s rights activist and friend of Simone de Beauvoir)

• Monique Roy. “Passions brûlantes” (A Burining Passion”) La Châtelaine February 2001. (Montréal; review of Les Amants de la Liberté).

• “Charlot contre le FBI: passionnant!” (“Charlie against the FBI: Fascinating!”), Le Populaire November 30, 2001. (Book Review).

• Sophie Pajot. “Les Flor(e)ilèges de Claudine Monteil”, (“Claudine Monteil Reminisces at Le Café Flore”) LMag 192 (April) 2000 (portrait, interview and review of books).

• Pascale Navarro. « Les grands esprits » (« High spirits »), Voir, Montréal February 10-16, 2000 (Book review of Les Amants de la Liberté, Sartre and Beauvoir in the XXth Century)

• Michel Braudeau. “Le devoir de liberté” (“The Duty of Liberty”), Vogue (France), February 2000. (Review of Les Amants de la Liberté).

• “Amis amants” (Friends and Lovers”). France-Soir February 9, 2000. (Review of Les Amants de la Liberté).

• Olivier Maison. “Beauvoir ou les mémoires d’une jeune fille bafouée” (Beauvoir, or the Memoir of a Young Girl Ridiculed”). Marianne December 6-12, 1999. (Review of Les Amants de la Liberté).

• Christine Bouchara. “Beauvoir en Majesté” (“The Majesty of Beauvoir”). LMag 180 and 181 (March and April 1999). (Two-part article on the colloquium on the fiftieth anniversary of The Second Sex, with a report on Dr Monteil’s presentation of Simone de Beauvoir and life as an activist).

• Annuska Palme. “Simone de Beauvoir and her “daughters”, La Rinascita della sinistra, Roma, Italy, n°12, April 16, 1999.

• Alan Riding. “The World Reintroduces Beauvoir to the French.” New York Times, January 30, 1999: B17 +. (Article on the international celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Second Sex in Paris, with mention of Dr Monteil’s presentation on Simone de Beauvoir at the Sorbonne).

• Michel Braudeau. “Claudine Monteil, une femme en mouvement” (“Claudine Monteil, Woman on the Move”). Le Monde May 24-25, 1998. (Portrait and interview of Monteil as author and activist in the student’s uprising of May 1968, in the women’s movement and of her friendship with Simone de Beauvoir).

• Asa Moberg. Aftonbladet, May 1998. (Interview on the Beauvoir Sisters with a well-known Swedish writer.)

• Francine Ghysen. “Beauvoir parmi nous”, (“Beauvoir among Us”). Femmes Plurielles March 31, 1997. Women in the Plural; Review from Brussells, Belgium of Simone de Beauvoir, Le Mouvement des Femmes, Mémoires d’une Jeune Fille Rebelle.

• Anne-Christine Condomine. « Des femmes en mouvement » (« Women in movement ») , Modes et Travaux, September 1996 (Review of Simone de Beauvoir, Le Mouvement des Femmes, Mémoires d’une Jeune Fille Rebelle).

• Pascale Frey, Laurence Liban, and Alexie Lorca. “Que reste-t-il du féminisme?” (“What Remains of Feminism?”) Lire 246 (June) 1996. (Special issue on feminism, including a review of Monteil’s feminist activity, writing and friendship with Simone de Beauvoir).

• “La génération femmes”, (“The Women’s Movement Generation”, not signed). Libération May 30, 1996. (Review of Simone de Beauvoir, Le Mouvement des Femmes, Mémoires d’une Jeune Fille Rebelle).

• Josyane Savigneau. “Pour une morale de la lucidité” (“The Morality of Lucidity”). Le Monde April 19, 1996. (Review of Simone de Beauvoir, le mouvement des femmes, Mémoires d’une Jeune Fille Rebelle).

• Carmen Montessut. “Claudine Monteil à la recherche de l’origine du mouvement féministe” (“Claudine Monteil on the Origins of the Feminist Movement”). Le Journal de Montréal November 15, 1995 (Interview and book review of Mémoires d’une Jeune Fille Rebelle.)


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