Beauvoir and women today

August, 24th 2011

On September 2011 I published a new essay, Simone de Beauvoir and women today (Editions Odile Jacob, Paris 2011), in which women from different backgrounds and countries- farmers, doctors, lawyers for women rights, diplomats, cooks, journalists, delicatessen owners, mothers who built their own business at home, artists, painters, academics, testify on their condition and on the future of their lives.

Some men also bring their support to women’s causes and tell Dr Monteil about how they want their wives, mothers, daughters, to be respected and treated with equity.

These women who testify also recall how Simone de Beauvoir’s body of work still inspire them, give them a feeling of empowerment, hope and strength, sixty years after the publication of The Second Sex. Thanks to her experience of travelling around the world and having been an activist in women’s issues for more than forty years, Dr Monteil offers new avenues of research and actions to follow up in this XXIrst century.


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