9 Juin 2010

June 6th, 2010

June 9th will be the 100th anniversary of Hélène de Beauvoir’s birth: remembering her in “The Beauvoir Sisters” Seal Press

June 9th will be the100th anniversary of Hélène de Beauvoir’s birth.

Simone de Beauvoir’s younger sister was a painter, who left an impressive body of work, a women’s rights activist who supported us and even chaired one of the first center for battered women’s in the East of France, near Strasbourg.

Hélène used to stay at my place when coming to Paris, at Montparnasse, near where Simone de Beauvoir lived. You can find more in my testimony on the two sisters called “The Beauvoir Sisters” also published in English by Seal Press.

We shall always remember her vitality, generosity, and talent. Please go to the blog of my website in French: www.claudinemonteil.com/fr/blog to discover new pictures of her and of her husband which I have never shawn before and which are part of y private collection.

She will always be in our spririt and in our heart.


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